Personalized Quran Box Tasbeeh Islamic Gift Set

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Personalized Quran Box Tasbeeh Islamic Gift Set
  • Personalized Quran Box and Tasbeeh Islamic Gift Set, Eid Gift, Wedding Gift, Graduation Gift, Islamic Gift, Muslim Gift, Engagement Favors, Ameen Favors, Hajj Favors, Umrah Favors and any other favors of your special days for your guests.

    This Unique Set includes a Velvet Covered Box, Special Quran (in 3 size option) and a Pearl Tasbeeh decorated with Inlaid Tulle.


    Small Size:
    -Personalized Quran: 12x17 cm (4.7x6.7 inches)
    -Personalized Box: 16x20 cm (6.3x7.9 inches)

    Medium Size:
    -Personalized Quran: 13.5x20 cm (5.3x7.9 inches)
    -Personalized Box: 18x23.5 cm (7x9.2 inches)

    Large Size:
    -Personalized Quran: 16.5x24.5 cm (6.5x9.6 inches)
    -Personalized Box: 21x28 cm (8.2x11 inches)


    -We could engrave names (Latin or Arabic) on golden/silver acrylic mirror on the cover of the Quran or/and on the box.
    -You could decide your Quran and Tasbeeh color options by looking at last picture and select your requests from color options and also you can write it to Personalization section.
    -There is pearl or scented tasbeeh option, you can write it on Personalization section. -You could write any other customization requests to Personalization section.


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